Thursday, July 21, 2011

Roof Update and a Look Ahead

Workmen cleaning the glass panels of the original roof, working above one of the horizontal beams that will support the new roof over the existing roof structure.

When the Addison reopens on October 8, the entire museum will have been renovated from top to bottom. The final phase of construction at the museum – the construction of a new glass roof to overlay the old – is progressing without a hitch, and will be completed in time for the Addison’s 80th birthday celebration this fall. Mark your calendars now for our opening reception on October 14, and black tie gala on November 3 (and watch our website and Facebook page for more information).

A 90-ton crane lifts one of the prefabricated metal components that will support the glass overlay, while workmen restore and re-point the chimney.

The completion of this new roof overlay is the exciting last step in preserving and restoring the Addison Gallery’s historic, classical revival building, designed by architect Charles A. Platt and opened in 1931. For the last 80 years, the museum’s glass roof has contributed to the essential character of the building’s exterior appearance and has enhanced the experience of viewing art by allowing UV-filtered natural light to fill the second floor galleries.

The glass panels are meticulously fitted, one by one, into the new metal roof structure.

The innovative approach to protecting and preserving the original roof by constructing a new, state-of-the-art glass overlay roof will allow the continuation of the viewing experience envisioned by the building’s architect. It is with pleasure that the school and the Addison have worked together to assure the retention of Charles Platt’s elegant architecture for generations to come.

The installation of the glass continues on the north side of the Addison roof as workmen prepare the lower face of the roof for its metal cladding.