Wednesday, March 7, 2007

The Addison’s Artist Submission Program

A few weeks ago, my bin was overflowing with artists’ submissions, which meant it was time to gather the Curatorial Committee for our quarterly review. With thirty-nine portfolios submitted, the committee had its work set out for them. We received materials from a wide range of artists: a couple of submissions came from local residents in the Addison’s hometown of Andover while others came from as far away as Illinois, Florida, and California.

Not only were these artists dispersed across the country, but there was also a range of media: painting, photography, sculpture, performance, even video. Some artists turned to nature for inspiration—photographing mountains and hills of upstate New York—while others documented the aging process of their family members. Drawings ranged from minimalist-like pencil and chalk lines and squares to intricate fantastical scenes where colored rocks and flowing streams guided your eye through the work. Other artists continue to challenge art and art making practices by creating videos, some with sound and some without, that capture everything from the slow changes of light on a window sill to a man singing karaoke in a bar. The Curatorial Committee was impressed to see the variety of styles, themes and trends among this group of artists.

The Addison’s artist submission program provides an opportunity for artists to introduce their work to the museum. As you can see from the adjacent photo, my bin is nearly empty. Artists, start sending in your submissions! The next review is currently scheduled for sometime in July.
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