Monday, April 30, 2007

Digital Magnifying Glass

First of all, thanks to everyone who attended the opening reception for our spring exhibitions and ventured to Kemper in the rain on Sunday to see William Wegman speak. We had a fantastic turnout at both events and hope to post some images from them soon as our popular Seen at the Addison feature moves from our E-Newsletter to Blog Addison.

In the meanwhile, I thought I'd point out a little-known feature on our Collections pages. Have you ever wanted to get so close to a painting that your nose almost touches it, but you don't for fear of our ever vigilant guard force catching you? Now you can get as close as you ever wanted using the Zoomable Image button.

Eleven paintings in our collection now have high resolution images available online for you to zoom into and see every brushstroke as if you were inspecting the painting with your own digital magnifying glass. Just click on any of the paintings below and click Zoomable Image under the image:

George Bellows, The Gulls, Monhegan, c. 1913, oil on panel (image above)
Thomas Eakins , Professor Henry A. Rowland, 1897, oil on canvas
Marsden Hartley, Summer, Sea, Window, Red Curtain, 1942, oil on masonite
Childe Hassam, Early Morning on the Avenue in May 1917, 1917, oil on canvas
Winslow Homer, Eight Bells, 1886, oil on canvas
Winslow Homer, The West Wind, 1891, oil on canvas
Edward Hopper, Manhattan Bridge Loop, 1928, oil on canvas
Maurice Brazil Prendergast, Sketches in Paris, c. 1892-1894, seven oil on wood panels
Frederic Remington, Moonlight, Wolf, c. 1909, oil on canvas
John Singer Sargent, Val d'Aosta: A Man Fishing, c. 1907, oil on canvas
John Sloan, Sunday, Women Drying Their Hair, 1912, oil on canvas

Though we will be adding more, we know this feature could never replace coming to the Addison and seeing the paintings up close in real life.

So if you haven't been to the museum recently, come on by. If you have been here recently, come again! We hope to see you soon!

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