Thursday, September 27, 2007

Looking Forward to What Lies Ahead

A few postings back, Addison blogger James Sousa mentioned that he soon would be introducing a new blogger from the Education Department. As the new Education Fellow at the Addison, I can reasonably conclude that he was referring to me. I’ve taken matters into my own hands (actually, Mr. Sousa asked if I would) and am happy to introduce myself. If you have checked out the Education link on our website recently, then you’ve noticed that to get in touch with the Education Department, you are encouraged to contact Amy Freedberg. Well, that’s me.

I started here at the Addison at the beginning of this month. Until this fall, I had been teaching 6th grade English and Spanish at the Glen Urquhart School in Beverly. Before teaching, I studied art history as an undergraduate at Yale and worked at the Yale University Art Gallery. Museum education (my two loves – art and education – combined!) has always interested me, and signing on to be the new Education Fellow was an easy decision. It was made even easier by my familiarity with the Addison; as a PA alum (’99), I have known for years what a remarkable museum this is.

These first three weeks have been exciting — and busy! The new Curriculum Packet that I’ve been writing is nearly complete. Director of Education Julie Bernson and I are cooking up all kinds of ideas for educational programs this fall. We’re charging ahead with our plans for Educators’ Evening (Oct. 4th) and a Teacher Workshop (Oct. 17th). School groups have begun scheduling visits, and artist-in-residence Angela Lorenz is working with a number of PA classes. With four incredible shows on view, we are sure to be very busy this season! While I remain skeptical that anything could be as fast-paced as classroom teaching, everything I have heard about the Addison Education Department has me wondering if this job might come close. In any case, I am looking forward to all that lies ahead!

Amy Freedberg
Education Fellow

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