Friday, March 7, 2008

Building Update - Greener Pastures

Plans are progressing for the addition and expansion of the Addison and we are all getting excited about how fantastic our new space will be.

One element of the new addition that has recently become the fascination of the local community and has been a quite newsworthy item is our inclusion of a "green" roof.

The flat roof of our new loading dock, receiving, and preparation space will be covered with a membrane, a soil layer, and a variety of drought-resistant vegetation to compose a green roof. The roof will serve as an environmentally friendly element of our overall project - it will help us with storm water drainage and reduce our energy costs by providing added insulation.

Not only will our green roof be environmentally friendly, but it will also provide an interesting view from the wall of glass of the new Museum Learning Center, where students of all ages will be engaged in the Addison's educational programs. We'll also be able to see delightful green from our new staff offices.

Our architects, Centerbrook Architects and Planners, have experience in utilizing green roofs in their projects. In fact, their office space in a 19th century mill building includes its own green roof, which they use to save on energy costs and as a laboratory to perfect the green roof technology they implement in their buildings.

Click here for coverage of the Addison's green roof in The Eagle Tribune.

Maggie Adler
Director of Development

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