Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Antoinette "Nicki" Thiras (1919-2008)

A word from Addison Director Brian Allen:

The sad news of the death of longtime Addison assistant to the director Antoinette "Nicki" Thiras reached us today. Nicki Thiras served the Addison for 44 years prior to her retirement in 1991. During those years, as part of a small staff, she handled a multitude of responsibilities ranging from serving three directors, handling museum registration, and greeting visitors. She was indeed a great institution within a museum that was even then itself a great institution. Her beloved sister and longtime Phillips Academy staff member, Dickie, died in February of 2007, and with Nicki's death we feel a distinctive part of the Addison's history has passed away as well. Our condolences go to Nicki's family and many friends.

The Addison staff in 1984.
Nicki Thiras is on the far left.

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