Monday, October 27, 2008

Photography Study Studio

Our Photography Study Studio is up and running! We have the capability to pull photographs from our collection of over 7,000, creating a personalized, mini-exhibition based around themes from a class curriculum. This set-up gives our visitors the opportunity to view works up close and personal, without glass, and able to be arranged and rearranged for juxtapositions. We’re looking forward to utilizing these capabilities further down the road in our future Museum Learning Center.

Our first groups of visitors, Flavia Vidal’s Phillips Academy English 200 class, came to visit us on October 16th. The students are studying different forms of writing and many of their readings revolve around the theme of family. We pulled thirteen striking images of families from different time periods and in various formats. The students were able to make meaningful connections between the photographs, their readings, and their own experiences. It was an active class session, full of observations, opinions, and epiphanies. The students are continuing their explorations through an essay assignment drawing inspiration from JPEG reproductions of the photographs.

This is just the beginning! Other Phillips Academy English classes and classes from schools in the area are bringing students to make connections between the Addison’s photo collection and a range of classroom curriculum.

If you are a teacher and are interested in bringing a class to our Photography Study Studio to view selections from our photo collection or collaborating on a photography or arts-based project, offered free of charge, please contact Jamie Kaplowitz: or (978) 749-4037.

Jamie Kaplowitz
Education Fellow

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