Monday, November 17, 2008

Update on the Addison Renovation and Expansion

Construction on the Addison's renovation and addition is proceeding well as the rush is on to get as much done before the freezing temperatures and winter weather set in.

Outside, the entire area around the Addison has become a construction zone. Concrete has been poured to form the footings and walls of the addition's first level (see left, click on images to make them larger). Holes have been cut into the facade to accommodate the new handicapped accessible elevator while various windows slated to be removed have
been blocked off.

Inside, the old bathrooms have been demolished and the new ones are being piped. Walls that once separated rooms on the basement and main floors have been removed and are being rebuilt according to the new plans. The old elevator has been removed and the shaft expanded to accommodate a larger one capable of lifting our largest objects to all levels of the museum. The door to our new library space is being expanded (see right). Its marble trim will be switched with the trim for the smaller doorway to our education office. The wall that created an office space in our first floor back gallery is gone, restoring the space to its original size. A lively crew of construction workers are crawling throughout the site and it seems as if every inch of the original building is covered to protect the finishes from damage during the renovation.

The spaces in the Elson Art Center are being reconfigured to accommodate an entrance to our new Museum Learning Center (at left, the new rendering). With the footings in place and areas of the existing building reconfigured, we can begin to see how our addition will connect with and complement the original museum. We are also amazed to see how much has happened in such a short period and realize that our targeted completion date of Spring, 2010 is coming quickly!

Be sure to check in at our website for regular updates on the construction process as we count down the days to our reopening!

James M. Sousa
Associate Registrar for Collections and Archives

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