Thursday, April 30, 2009

Shopping with OneCause: an Easy and Innovative Way to Help the Addison

Today we hear from new Blog Addison poster Samantha Katzen, Development Associate at the Addison. Samantha also works on the Addison's Facebook page, and encourages everyone to click here and become a fan.

"In these economic times…" How often have you heard that phrase lately? Fiscal prudence is important, but sometimes most of us still need (or want) to make certain purchases. Yet we also want to stretch our dollar and make every transaction count. If only there was a way for our everyday spending to be more productive!

Well, there is. Thanks to the wonders of online shopping and the internet’s capacity to merge capitalism and altruism, using OneCause can indeed make your purchases count twice. With virtually no effort on your part, you can help the Addison just by buying the things you were already going to buy, at no extra cost to you. To get started, all you need to do is register at and choose a cause to support (like, say, the Addison!). Then simply click the links to hundreds of popular stores like Amazon or Lands’ End, and shop as you normally would. A percentage of your total purchase is donated directly to the Addison and the process requires no extra steps on your part. You can also download a toolbar that allows you to go right to your online shopping sites without using the OneCause portal.

This is an easy and uncomplicated way to enhance the efficacy of your spending. Just think, if you booked a trip at Expedia by first going to, your cause would earn 1.25% of what you spend. For one $2,500 family vacation, that would mean over $30! It’s perfect for large purchases, like a new computer from Dell or the Apple store, but even small items add up—combine your $25 at with your friend’s $50 on eBay, and before long you collectively start to make a real difference.

On behalf the Addison, I hope you’ll consider using OneCause when you shop online. It’s easy, it’s free for you and free for the museum, and it lets you get the most out of every penny spent. What could be better, especially in these economic times?

Samantha Katzen
Development Associate

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