Thursday, March 4, 2010

Seeing Carroll Dunham from a New Perspective

Several Addison staff members made the trip to Albany, New York, to see our traveling exhibition Carroll Dunham Prints: A Survey open at the University Art Museum at SUNY-Albany.

Consisting of 119 prints, the UAM space offers a new perspective on Dunham’s graphic work. At the Addison, the exhibition was displayed chronologically and divided into four galleries, unearthing gripping vantage points through each doorway. Here, the visual progression of Dunham’s prints—abstract yet simultaneously figurative, spontaneous yet deliberate—is revealed upon first entry into SUNY’s enormous two-level gallery (see images above and below, click to make bigger). If you stand and twirl in the gallery’s center, the chronological sequence evolves, your point of origin gradually fades, and you become immersed in the polymorphous shapes, vibrant colors and semi-abstract figures of Dunham’s work.

It has been a veritable pleasure working with the University Art Museum's staff to make this show possible. The exhibition will be up through April 3rd so be sure to see it while it is there!

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Jaime DeSimone
Charles H. Sawyer Curatorial Fellow


James M. Sousa
Associate Registrar for Collections and Archives

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