Monday, October 17, 2011

80th Birthday and Reopening Public Reception a Success

A big THANK YOU to all who were able to attend our 80th birthday and reopening celebration this past Friday, October 14th. A special thanks to Phillips Academy vocal ensemble the Yorkies, who serenaded us with their rendition of "Happy Birthday."

There were well over 600 excited people at the reception, during which we celebrated the reopening, the opening of six exhibitions, and toasted the Addison's 80th with champagne and cupcakes. Among the guests were some of the artists whose work is currently on view, including Christopher C. Cook, who can be seen here (at far left) introducing his work to a new generation.

Also among the guests was Lorna Bieber, whose Fractured Narratives exhibition can be seen in the background as she (center) chats with Julie Bernson, Director of Education for the Addison (at left) and guest.

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