Thursday, May 10, 2007

David Opdyke at Roebling Hall Art Gallery

Remove yourself from Weg-mania for a brief minute and jog your memory for the Addison's winter exhibition Models as Muse. Check out the exhibition's podcast to learn more about why and how Models as Muse merged the past and the present by creating a dialogue between the museum's famed model ship collection and four contemporary artists--Roderick Buchanan, Christine Hiebert, Jennifer and Kevin McCoy, and David Opdyke--who were invited to create new work that responded to, engaged with, or was inspired by these remarkable objects and their captivating presence. Anyway, David Opdyke's Dredge (shown above), which was one of the four commissioned projects, is currently on view in Unseen at Roebling Hall Art Gallery in New York City through May 26th. In the Models as Muse brochure, Curator Allison Kemmerer wrote:

"David Opdyke's towering sculptural installation, Dredge, similarly touches upon the play between reality and illusion as it explores the issues of scale, display, and artificiality associated with the act of model making. Rifting on the antique display cases that house the Addison's ship models, Opdyke filled two updated and super-sized showcases with mashed up bits of boats from contemporary plastic model kits, some of which are modern versions of ships in the Addison's collection such as the Mayflower and the Charles Morgan."

The Addison is excited to learn about Dredge's "after-life" and invites you to stop by Roebling Hall to check it out.

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