Monday, May 7, 2007

Seen at the Addison: William Wegman

As promised, here are some images from both the opening reception for William Wegman: Funney Strange and our other spring exhibitions on April 27th as well as William Wegman's talk on April 29th.

Addison curator Allison Kemmerer, Wegman curators Joan Simon and Trevor Fairbrother, and Addison Associate Director Susan Faxon enjoy the Wegman exhibition.

Visitors of all ages are captivated by Wegman's projected works.

Students discuss the show...

...while others watch the work in action.

Both Wegman and Lawrence's White Fund Paintings exhibitions attracted a record number of visitors to the opening event.

Visitors explore Wegman's postcard paintings including Tilted Chair.

Kids point out their favorite Wegman images.

Patrons enjoy the refreshments outside.

William Wegman and his dog Bobbin take a breather on the Addison's front steps.

Wegman and Bobbin pose with Phillips Academy Trustees Oscar Tang and Sidney Knafel and Addison Director Brian Allen and Associate Director Susan Faxon.

During the April 29th artist lecture, William Wegman engaged a large audience as he explained the inspiration behind his works.

Addison Director Brian Allen, William Wegman, and curator Trevor Fairbrother and Bobbin field questions from the audience.

After an event-filled weekend, Bobbin takes a nap to recover.

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Anonymous said...

I happened to make an impromptu visit to the Addison that day, as I often do, to see what new exhibits were on display and to share them with a small group of individuals from our vocational program. Happily, our timing allowed us to meet Mr. Wegman and his dogs, all of whom were friendly, welcoming and absolutely charming to each of the members of the group. As, incidently, were Addison staff members and other visitors. It was an incredible experience for all of us, and we thank the Addison, Mr. Wegman, and everyone else present that day for making it so special.

~sandra getgood